Our advisors are experts in building envelope solutions, particularly in metal siding and roofing. Our team can accompany you at every stage so that your project is a resounding success. We aim to delight our customers by exceeding service and product expectations.



164 Royal Street, Les Côteaux Québec, J7X 1A6
Jean Simon Legros, Director of Sales - Groupe Metalunic

Metalunic Boutique (Aluminium Depot)

101 Royal Street, Les Côteaux, Quebec, J7X 1A6, Canada
Jade Begin

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United States

Metalunic (USA)

Manakin Sabot, Virginia
Dennis W Collins, Director of Sales (Metalunic USA)

Metalunic (New England)

New England from Long Island NY through Maine
Al DeVasto, Managing Partner (Pro Mark / Innovative Building Solutions)

Metalunic (East Coast)

New York through Maryland
Joe De Santis, Managing Partner (Innovative Building Solutions)