Our advisors are experts in building envelope solutions, particularly in metal siding and roofing. Our team can accompany you at every stage so that your project is a resounding success. We aim to delight our customers by exceeding service and product expectations.



164 Royal Street, Les Côteaux Québec, J7X 1A6
Jean Simon Legros, Director of Sales - Groupe Metalunic

Metalunic Boutique (Aluminium Depot)

101 Royal Street, Les Côteaux, Quebec, J7X 1A6, Canada
Jade Begin

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United States

Metalunic (USA)

Manakin Sabot, Virginia
Dennis W Collins, Director of Sales (Metalunic USA)

Metalunic (South East)

Georgia, Alabama, North Florida
Clif Whitley (Whitley Sales)

Metalunic (New England)

New England from Long Island NY through Maine
Al DeVasto, Managing Partner (Pro Mark / Innovative Building Solutions)

Metalunic (East Coast)

New York through Maryland
Joe De Santis, Managing Partner (Innovative Building Solutions)