History of our business

Métalunic Revêtement is a company specializing in the manufacturing of metal products for roofs and walls with facilities located near the border of the province of Ontario. We manufacture quality sidings for residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications and serve a large clientele located in both Quebec and Ontario.

Products of choice

Métalunic Revêtement offers a complete line of metallic products for enveloping the building. These products are manufactured from base materials 100% made in Canada and are sold at a competitive price. Our products are also fabricated and customized according to our customers’ specific needs, in all thicknesses, widths and finishes. Metallic panels are available in galvanized steel, Galvalume or with a prefinished treatment, in an array of more than 30 standard or exclusive colours. By selecting Métalunic products, you are getting innovative products of superior quality that will impart a unique style to your building project and increase its value.

Innovation goes hand in hand with satisfaction

Métalunic Revêtement is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. For that reason, we focus on continuous product innovation throughout the purchase of premium quality Canadian steel and personalized services to our clientele. Our state-of-the-art raft type roll formers enable us to manufacture reliable finished products in a short time. Through determination, our company has positioned itself among the industry’s leading metal siding manufacturers.

100% Canadian made products

Our products are entirely designed from superior quality materials made and manufactured here in Canada.

Innovative paint system

The Perspectra Plus SeriesTM offers a higher resistance to scratches, chalking, colour fading and colour degradation. It also provides a long term protection against corrosion.

Delivery service

Our delivery trucks equipped with retractable tarps and our bidirectional lift trucks can load, unload and drop off our material exactly where you want it.