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Product Type
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The Ancestral profile has survived the ages and trends. With its architectural look and concealing fastening system, this siding and roofing profile will give unique character to your property while enhancing the value of your structure.

Commercial 36

The Commercial profile is a rigid and durable profile that is specifically designed for commercial and institutional buildings. Easy to install and maintenance-free, for renovations or new construction, this bold profile will enhance the value of your structure.


The contemporary siding features concealed fasteners and harmonizes well with any type of siding or facia materials to give a streamlined aesthetic. The Contemporary is offered in 2 widths, 10.85” and 11.875” to give designers flexibility to create their custom look.

Corrugated 7/8"

With more than a century in existence, this siding profile features wave-like corrugations that create a unique look and a symmetrical shadow effect. The Corrugated profile is suitable for both residential and commercial projects. Simple installation both horizontally and vertically.


Developed with the greatest care and attention to detail, it perfectly reproduces the warm aspect of wood. With a wide variety of colors, you can combine tones and textures. Create your look, from the most modern to classic.

Industrial 36

Industrial is an elegant profile with an industrial look. Industrial features concealed fasteners and a unique combination of bold and symmetrical lines with the benefit of easy installation. Industrial is ideal for commercial or modern institutional projects.


Moderno offers a chic, fashion and timeless look of authentic wood siding. This most authentic profile allows you to discover a whole world of creation. You just need to combine different colors and textures to achieve the perfect balance.


The MX6/Munic profiles are efficient and economical siding solutions. MX6 and Munic are ideal choices for a subdued shadow effect that enrich the look of your project. The MX6/Munic has a secure overlap design that ensures a snug hidden joint and weathertight performance.

Supreme 36

The Supreme 36 is a wall siding and roofing profile that is aesthetic, adaptable, and known for its exceptional rigidity stemming from five purposefully designed ¾” ribs on 9” centers. Supreme covers a width of 36'' thereby allowing for quick installation.


The Toscane profile takes on the design and appearance of Spanish tiles. The barrel-shaped tile gives the roof a contoured appearance while shedding water and providing better airflow than typical asphalt shingles. Toscane offers an exceptional lifespan while increasing the value of your property.

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WARNING: Some metal products may contain elements or chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. These elements include but are not limited to Chromium, Titanium Oxide and Crystallized Silica. For more information visit: