Munic 1a Cambridge White Wall Display
Munic 2a tan Profile View
Munic 3a Khaki
Munic 4a Profile View
Munic tan and MX6 red Profile Views
MX6 4i Bright Red Cambridge White Black
MX6 1a Orange International
MX6 1c Orange International
MX6 2a Black Coffee Wall Display
MX6 3d Red Profile View
MX6 4a Bright Red Cambridge White Black
MX6 4c Bright Red Cambridge White Black
MX6 4d Bright Red Cambridge White Black
MX6 4h Bright Red Cambridge White Black

Steel Panels


The MX6/Munic profiles are efficient and economical siding solutions. MX6 and Munic are ideal choices for a subdued shadow effect that enrich the look of your project. The MX6/Munic has a secure overlap design that ensures a snug hidden joint and weathertight performance.

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Product Type

Metal Panels

Fastening System


Available gauge

26, 28, 29

Panel Width


Panel Length


Panel Depth



Galvanized Steel


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WARNING : Some metal products may contain elements or chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. These elements include but are not limited to Chromium, Titanium Oxide and Crystallized Silica. For more information visit:

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